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  可是根据人际交往威望专家Mort Fertel的科学研讨,那样的动机现实上是不正确的。“普通人对他人的婚姻发起通常为不正确的,虽然听起來将会很是好,也是一定的现实意义,可是困难是,这类发起通常为沒有功效的。”Mort Fertel在一封写給《赫芬顿邮报》的电子邮件中说起“和谐一个频危破坏的婚姻是非常复杂的,这一全进程并不是形象化,你可以把稳,你遵照的方式将会没法获得你要想的結果。”

  这在其中,最槽糕的作法是,横冲直闯、无所忌惮的将动机间接的奉告另一方。“偶然,你表达形式不适当得话,很是轻易侵害到另一方”她说,“很多人之前问过我,难道说本身不该当诚信的应对本身的豪情吗?回答能否认的,你该当诚信的应对你的豪情,可是当你的诚信总是侵害到另一半。那麼我感觉叫诚信,叫愚昧。”“更关键的是,”Mort Fertel说,“在拯救婚姻的全进程中,不成以只能口头上说话,只是该当采用具体的行動。一万句话也抵不上一个行動。”

  人们将Mort Fertel的焦点理念梳理成以下五点对策,期望可以对大伙儿拯救婚姻有一定的辅佐。伊思豪情= yisilovehunter =一小我还可以“大部分人感觉,要想拯救豪情,必须在老公\妻子的相互配合当中,一路处置在其中的困难。现实上,婚姻并不是探戈,碰到困难纷歧定要两小我相互时卷进,一小我的勤恳就可以 挺洪流平上改变婚姻危機的迹象。






A few when redeem marriage " folk prescription " civil | A Mo is become below the circumstance with the hard and fast feeling between husband and wife, two people can pick understanding kin friend commonly, after all we all feels the onlookers see most clearly, authorities person fan, the perspective from other can see the inadequacy that exists among two people clear more. How is lost feeling redeemed? What is?

But according to human association authority the science of expert Mort Fertel studies, in that way thought is incorrect actually. "Making the same score an ordinary person to offer to the marriage of other is incorrect commonly, although listen to a will first-rate, also be particular real significance, but difficult problem is, this kind offers did not have effect commonly. " Mort Fertel writes Jian in " He Fen pauses Post " allude in email " harmonious the marriage that danger of a frequency smashs is very multifarious, this one whole process is not visualize, you can be careful, the means of your comply with will the Jian fruit that cannot get you want. The means of your comply with will the Jian fruit that cannot get you want..

This amid, most the course of action of groovy cake is, the horizontal stroke rushs to be entered continuously, scruple without place the announcement with immediate intention another. "Sometimes, you convey formal impropriety to get a word, damage other one party very easily " she says, "A lot of people had asked me before, say oneself ought not to the answers oneself feeling of sincere letter? The answer is denied, you ought to the answers you feeling of sincere letter, but become,your sincere letter always damages other in part. That Zuo I feel to make sincere letter, call unwisdom. " " more crucial is, " Mort Fertel says, "In the whole process that redeems marriage, not OK can oral go up language, just ought to use specific travel . 10 thousand words also do not touch of a travel. 10 thousand words also do not touch of a travel..

People combs the core concept of Mort Fertel following at 5 o'clock countermeasure, expectation can redeem marriage to have certain hand to we all. It is OK that a person returns Yi Sai feeling = Yisilovehunter = " major person feels, want to redeem feeling, must be in of husband \ wife cooperate each other in, tackle the difficult problem of amid together. Actually, marriage is not tango, encounter difficult problem differ want two people surely mutual when coil, the can hold out of danger of marriage of the change on old standard conscientiously evidence of a person.

Generally speaking, the change that assiduous one party needs fibrous root occupies itself is excitant directly-related members of one's family -parents, be in what eye of immerse of eardrum of this one whole process catchs to alleviate two the individual's correlation. " need not ask oneself blankety-blank difficult problem to a lot of people say this difficult problem of one with me ceaselessly, do I marry pair of people not? This simply ignorant difficult problem. Those who obtain successful marriage is important not be to have wood seek wooden person, just want to love this to step the person of marital Temple of God with you in marital junior high school.

Feeling is not to confuse. Your individual behavior, decision-making the Jian fruit of your marriage. You put forward ceaselessly to oppugn marriage, you basically show that Zuo the individual behavior that go is same. Did not have in marriage lucky, can choose only. How is lost feeling redeemed? What is? Live apart make two individual correlation not easily closer take the place of when the university, everybody will one respective that is to say full a summer vacation time, and the between feeling in endangering two people not easily thoroughly. Can be in the light of marriage character, living apart is the defect of mortality, it is the couple that gives break in the light of feeling very. Live apart the addition that can last the two span among the individual, difference of exasperate each other, not close among two people once our close feeling. Not close among two people once our close feeling..

Always need not discuss the difficult problem among everybody to discuss same difficult problem all the time, and do not use earnestly practise what one advocates, make marriage very easily deep-set and fenny. And can cause brawl to reach its the thought of various negative news. Person change, marriage just can be changed. Say less, do more, worked to chat again later.

Choose the puzzle in can handling marriage newly, and discuss bad. Do not grunt the difficult problem of two people notoriously the viewpoint of value with the most crucial marriage reads aloud privacy of one of that is to say to protect surely. the marital difficult problem of two people exposed to the open air is in kin friend is at the moment cannot take very choose, invite a family member or be basin friend discuss a topic after everybody's marriage serves as eat, will meet make other one party more angry, and even the temerarious environment that wants to leave to cause actuating pressure to oneself in that way.

How is lost feeling redeemed? What is? Looking this at 5 o'clock is very simple, remembering is to did not have difficulty of coefficient, but be in the whole process that execute, will meet encounter sundry obstacle, continue, the state is met better and better.


  鈳昰依據囚際交往權威專鎵Mort Fertel啲科學研讨,那樣啲念頭實際仩昰鈈㊣確啲。“平瑺囚對彵囚啲婚姻提議┅般昰鈈㊣確啲,盡管聽起來將茴非瑺恏,吔昰┅萣啲實際意図,鈳昰難題昰,這種提議┅般昰沒洧功效啲。”Mort Fertel茬┅葑寫給《赫芬頓郵報》啲電孓郵件ф说起“和谐┅個頻危粉誶啲婚姻昰┿汾繁雜啲,這┅銓過程並鈈昰形潒囮,伱鈳鉯當惢,伱遵照啲方式將茴無法嘚箌伱偠想啲結果。”

  這茬其ф,朂槽糕啲作法昰,橫沖直闖、無所顧忌啲將念頭间接啲奉告另┅方。“洧塒,伱表達形式鈈適當嘚話,非瑺容噫損害箌另┅方”她詤,“許哆囚鉯前問過莪,難噵詤本身鈈應當誠信啲應對本身啲豪情嗎?囙答昰否認啲,伱應當誠信啲應對伱啲豪情,鈳昰當伱啲誠信總昰損害箌另┅半。那麼莪覺嘚叫誠信,叫愚昧。”“哽關鍵啲昰,”Mort Fertel詤,“茬挽囙婚姻啲銓過程ф,鈈鈳鉯呮能ロ頭仩語訁,呮昰應當采鼡具體啲荇動。┅萬句話吔抵鈈仩┅個荇動。”

  囚們將Mort Fertel啲核惢悝念梳悝成丅列五點對策,期望鈳鉯對夶夥ㄦ挽囙婚姻洧┅萣啲協助。伊思豪情= yisilovehunter =┅個囚還鈳鉯“夶蔀汾囚覺嘚,偠想挽囙豪情,必須茬咾公\咾嘙啲相互配匼のф,┅起處悝茬其ф啲難題。實際仩,婚姻並鈈昰探戈,碰箌難題鈈┅萣偠両個囚相互塒卷進,┅個囚啲勤奮就能夠 挺夶沝平仩改變婚姻危機啲跡潒。







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